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Why is my toolbar grayed out?

David Paras
posted this on September 2, 2011, 11:28 AM

Browser compatibility

Web Center and Marketing Center are only supported in Internet Explorer 6 and higher.  Sites might be built to be compatible with other browsers from the public view, but editing in Web Center is only support in Internet Explorer 6+.  If you have IE8 installed, you must set it to Compatibility View mode in order to edit in BDS.

If IE8 is installed but Compatibility Mode is not turned on, the symptoms will be grayed out edit menus as shown in the screenshot below:



IE8 compatibility view settings

BDS 6.5 and earlier are only compatible with IE8, if IE8 is run in Compatibility Mode. From the Internet Explorer toolbar:

  1. Tools -> Compatibility View Settings -> click “Add” next to “Add this website” (<site>.com should be pre-populated).
  2. You can also check the “Display all websites in Compatibility View”. The page will refresh and those BDS page tools should now display un-grayed. To always run in Compatibility Mode, click the checkbox to display all sites in Compatibility View.

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